This was a real hospital pass. Michael, who was on the ARMA Council, was concerned that no-one had stuck their head above the parapet and given property managers practical advice on how to deal with s20 consultation following the case of Philips v Francis (which overnight had turned property managers’ lives upside down). So he put together the following presentation – practical advice to property managers on how to deal with consultation and dispensation during a period of turmoil. Property managers may not have liked the extra burden but feedback from business owners (who understood what he was saying) fully supported the advice.

It dealt with:

  • The up-to-date position
  • The challenge to property managers
  • What are qualifying works
  • Who to consult
  • What is prejudice
  • Options
  • Managing
  • Qualifying works
  • Managing financial years
  • Managing the client
  • It’s not all bad news…

Link to presentation

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