Lease extensions

Extending a lease can be a confusing and daunting experience, a complex process robed in complex terminology.

Michael provides clear, understandable advice and guidance on the premium parameters involved. He’s always happy to provide a follow up consultation for further clarification if necessary.

In the vast majority of cases he achieves premiums at - or very close to - his valuations, thereby avoiding the issue of nasty surprises for his clients!

Michael has a transparent fee structure with fixed valuation fees agreed upfront and negotiation fees based on the time involved. He does not charge percentage fees based on what he considers to be the fallacy of claimed savings (deal premium against inflated or deflated notice or counter notice figures).

For a detailed explanation of the qualification requirements and procedures see here.

  • Capitalisation rate
  • Deferment rate
  • Flat values (freehold/extended lease/existing lease)
  • Improvements
  • Relativity
  • Intermediate interests
  • Appurtenant premises

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