Reinstatement cost assessments

Michael has extensive experience of providing Reinstatement Cost Assessments for a range of residential estates varying from simple to highly complex cases. The types of valuation involved differ radically between the two, the more straightforward being assessed using software whilst complex cases require detailed bespoke Elemental Cost Assessments.

As modern residential estates become increasingly diverse in composition, Michael frequently has to deal with shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, pools, hotels, docks/moorings and even theatres.

With his in-depth knowledge of property management, Michael also includes additional advice to the Property Manager to help with the increased proposal form requirements stipulated by the Insurance Act.

Michael lectures to RICS and ARMA conferences and writes articles on the subject. He is currently writing an article for the Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation.

Michael provides fixed quotations on assessment. He can either carry out a full assessment or a desktop exercise. For complex or large buildings or estates the physical measurement can be a time consuming exercise. If as-built plans are available lower fees will reflect the time saved.

  • Assessment of floor areas
  • Rebuild rates for differing use/type
  • Locational weighting
  • Site weighting
  • Elemental cost assessment
  • Risk factors (eg timber floors, aluminium composite material)
  • Estimated reconstruction period

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